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TEFL/TESOL Certification Hamilton Course Requirements

TEFL/TESOL Course Admission Requirements

We have both Canadian and international students who enroll in our TEFL TESOL Program. Students of The Canadian College of Linguistics must meet the following requirements in order to be admitted into the TEFL Course in Hamilton:

1) Be 18 years of age or older
2) Hold a high-school diploma
3) Have upper-intermediate to advanced English speaking skills (at the discretion of the college and its instructors)
4) Be open minded to people from different cultures

If you meet all of these requirements, hamilton-tesol-certification

Requirements for TEFL/TESOL Certification Hamilton

Students of The Canadian College of Linguistics TEFL course will be granted TEFL/TESOL Certification based on the following criteria:

1) Full classroom attendance
2) Classroom participation
3) Understanding the course material
4) Successful completion of three in-class practicums
5) Final practicum evaluation

If students fulfill all of the course requirements, TEFL/TESOL Certification will be granted on the final day of class. tesol-tefl-course-hamilton-certification

TEFL/TESOL Certification Hamilton Course Fees

Did you know that The Canadian College of Linguistics is one of the only TEFL TESOL Certification Courses in Canada that offers you convenient payment options?  While other courses want you to pay in full before your first day of class, we understand that may not be possible.  As a result, we have created a payment plan that allows you to ‘Pay As You Study’.  Contact us to learn how it works.

TEFL TESOL Certificate Program
Duration : 4 weekends
Time : 10:00am – 6:00pm
Days : Saturday and Sunday
Level : Intermediate to Advanced
Tuition Fees : $899.00 + $46.99 (Registration Fee)

NOTE: Registration Fees are donated to Canadian charities.

*Prices & class times subject to change without notice.


How to Pay:

Once you have completed your Course Enrolment Form, The Canadian College of Linguistics makes it easy for you to pay for your Hamilton TESOL/TEFL Course by providing 3 simple payment options:

1) Pay with cash.
2) Pay by certified cheque, money order or bank draft.
3) Pay by credit card or Paypal by clicking the “Pay Now” tab.  We accept Visa, Mastercard & American Express.

TEFL/TESOL Certification Hamilton Course Dates for 2017

Start Date
End Date
June 4th  Class is full
July 26th
November 5th Class is full
November 27th

* All dates are subject to change without notice.


TEFL/TESOL Certification Hamilton Course Outline

The Canadian College of Linguistics is the only TEFL/TESOL Course in Canada that is based on the small-group tutorial system.  This system keeps class sizes small and interactive, which means you get more individual attention and teaching from your instructor, tailored to your learning needs.

Our system also includes 3 real world practicums, which are in-class presentations designed to give you opportunities to put your newly acquired teaching skills into practice.

Most importantly, you get the chance to observe and teach real ESL classes, which include international students from all over the world.  This is what makes The Canadian College of Linguistics’ graduates some of the most well-prepared ESL teachers.

Day 1
Day 2
  • Introduction to the Course/ Materials/Assignments
  • The Communicative Approach
  • The Canadian Language Benchmarks
  • The Learners
  • The Teachers
  • Classroom Management
  • ESL Class: Observation
  • The Teaching Theories
  • Lesson Planning Workshop
  • How to Teach Vocabulary Lessons
  • How to Teach Dialogue Lessons
  • How to Teach Grammar: Tenses
Day 3
Day 4
  • How to Teach Grammar: Advanced Grammar Items
  • How to Teach Reading
  • ESL Class: Observation
  • Practicum #1: Vocabulary
  • The New Approaches for Teaching Writing
  • How to Teach Writing: Sentences, Paragraphs, Essays
  • Error Correction
Day 5
Day 6
  • Practicum #2: Writing
  • How to Teach Speaking & Pronunciation
  • Speaking Lessons vs. Pronunciation Lessons
  • Suprasegmental Features: Intonation, Pitch, Vowels,Consonants
  • ESL Class: Group Teaching
  • How to Teach Pronunciation: The Rhythm of English
  • ESL Speaking Activities
  • ESL Speaking Assessments
  • How to Teach Listening
Day 7
Day 8
  • Preparing a Successful ESL Teacher Resume
  • Preparing for a Successful ESL Job Interview
  • Finding ESL Resources on Our Website
  • Finding ESL Jobs on Our Website
  • Negotiating ESL Teaching Contracts
  • Preparing for Travelling Abroad
  • ESL Class: Group Teaching
  • Practicum #3: Final Presentation
  • Instructor Feedback
  • Awarding of TEFL TESOL Certificates
  • Important Questions


Hamilton TEFL/TESOL Textbooks, Instructors & Campus

Hamilton TEFL/TESOL Course Textbooks

The Canadian College of Linguistics TEFL/TESOL course in Hamilton uses three comprehensive course books that provide students with an extensive range of resources for teaching English abroad, or at home.

How to Teach English by Jeremy Harmer is a practical guide for teachers who are at an early stage in their careers and for those who are studying for TEFL TESOL Certification. This new edition has been fully revised to reflect recent methodological developments and includes:

  • a DVD with clips from actual classes demonstrating good teaching practice
  • a comprehensive glossary of teaching terminology
  • chapters on how to teach reading, writing, speaking and listening
  • a task File of photocopiable training tasks

tefl-tesol-hamiltonWatch Jeremy Harmer talk about the New Edition of “How to Teach English”


The Canadian Language Benchmarks text was developed by the Centre for Canadian Language Benchmarks in partnership with Citizenship and Immigration Canada, and is the Government of Canada’s national standard for evaluating the English skills of newcomers to our country.  No TEFL TESOL Certification Course is complete without this indispensable tool for teaching English as a second language, teaching English as a foreign language, or teaching English to speakers of other languages. This edition includes:

  • easy to follow assessment guidelines to determine students’ English abilities
  • clear indicators that show when a student is ready to move to the next level
  • example tasks and activities to help create effective English lessons
  • objective student achievement reports
  • downloadable assessment tests and forms



The Canadian College of Linguistics Student Manual is a well-thought out book that provides real world ESL resources that are necessary for teachers to succeed in the ESL classroom.  This manual has been developed to reflect the practical aspects of teaching English as a second language and includes:


  • real world ESL classroom lessons and lesson plan templates
  • real world ESL activities and exercises
  • an extensive chapter on teaching pronunciation
  • a catalogue of fun grammar activities and games
  • ESL resume building strategies
  • ESL job interview techniques
  • ESL teaching contract negotiation tips
  • key information to help prepare for travelling abroad
  • and more…

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Hamilton TEFL/TESOL Course Instructors

Our Hamilton TEFL/TESOL course instructors are highly qualified teachers who have extensive experience with learning and teaching languages. They are skilled in the ESL and the TEFL TESOL fields, and also have expertise in related fields as well.  Throughout their careers they have taught teachers and students from Canada, America, Japan, Korea, China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Taiwan, Russia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Kazakhstan, Armenia, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bosnia, Serbia, Croatia, Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Burundi, South Africa, Nigeria, Mexico, Columbia, Brazil and more.

As a result, our instructors are able to pass their experiences on to our TEFL TESOL course students.  Our instructors thoroughly prepare students for not only the theoretical and academic aspects of teaching English as a second language, but for teaching English in the real world as well.  They can provide invaluable insights about English accents, classroom behaviour,  different nationalities, travel, and the benefits and pitfalls of teaching.  Their real life stories about teaching English abroad are sometimes funny, sometimes interesting, but most of all, they are something that no course textbook could ever teach.

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TEFL/TESOL Certification Course – Hamilton Classroom & Location

TEFL/TESOL classes will be held in the classrooms of McMaster University. Classroom to be announced.