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Top 8 Reasons to Take Our TEFL/TESOL Course Vancouver

TEFL/TESOL Course Vancouver

tefl-course-vancouver-tesol-course1. Government of Canada’s National Standards in English

The Canadian College of Linguistics believes that no Canadian TEFL/TESOL Course is complete without including the Government of Canada’s national standards in English as part of the TEFL/TESOL Course curriculum.  This invaluable tool gives you the confidence you need to be successful at teaching English abroad or at home.


vancouver-tefl-certificate2. TEFL/TESOL Course Vancouver

The Canadian College of Linguistics’ TEFL/TESOL Course in Vancouver is conveniently located downtown.  Next to Harbour Centre, we are only a short walk from Waterfront Station.  Whether you travel by car, bike, bus, Skytrain, Canada Line, or Sea Bus, you will enjoy how easy it is to get to your TEFL/TESOL class each day.


one-month-tefl-class3. One Month TEFL/TESOL Course

In our dynamic one month TEFL/TESOL Course, The Canadian College of Linguistics graduates get TEFL/TESOL Certified faster than in other longer and more expensive programs. Accelerated learning courses like this allow you to cover the same amount of information as a three month course does, but in much less time.


tefl-certification-program4. Small-Group Tutorial System

The Canadian College of Linguistics is one of the few TEFL/TESOL courses in Canada that bases its teaching on the small-group tutorial system, which means more individual attention and teaching from your instructor, tailored to your learning needs.



weekend-tefl-course-vancouver5. Weekend TEFL/TESOL Course

To meet the needs of the increasing number of students seeking better ways to balance busy schedules with academic goals,  The Canadian College of Linguistics offers a fantastic Weekend TEFL/TESOL Course in Vancouver.  This flexibilty means that you don’t have to sacrifice your work life, your family life or your personal life to improve yourself.


learn-to-teach-english6. TEFL/TESOL Course Practicums

The Canadian College Linguistics gives you the chance to teach real world ESL lessons.  The advantage of our TEFL/TESOL Course practicums is that you have opportunities to develop your teaching skills in a real world context.  This is one of the reasons why The Canadian College of Linguistics’ graduates are so successful at teaching English.


teaching-english-course7. ESL Job Placement Assistance

The Canadian College of Linguistics’ TEFL/TESOL Course graduates get access to our comprehensive ESL Jobs page, and many are now teaching English abroad and at home.  Employers recognize that The Canadian College of Linguistics’ Teaching English Course gives graduates many transferable skills, as well as breadth and depth in ESL teaching.


vancouver-tefl-course8. Have a Successful Career Teaching English

Employers want to hire people who are motivated and interested in the job, who achieve things and take responsibility. The Canadian College of Linguistics TEFL TESOL Course can equip you to show passion, interest, achievement and responsibility.  After completing your TEFL/TESOL Course in Vancouver, there is no limit to what you can do teaching English.

To learn more about how to enroll in The Canadian College of Linguistics’ Weekend TEFL/TESOL Course Vancouver click here,

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